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You may not think it but every time you purchase a new fashion item you could be adding to the world's pollution problem. Many fashion retailers rely on less than ethical methods to produce clothing quickly and at low cost.

It's hardly surprising that this is the case, given the number of people who want to be able to get their fashion straight away, and for very little money. The fact is that the fashion industry cannot continue to pollute water supplies across the globe. Sustainable fashion has to be the future.

How to help the future of sustainable fashion?

If you often shop where you can get fashion items at a low cost, you should think again. You may be saving some cash today, but you may not have a decent planet to live on in the not too distant future. Which is more important?

There are things you can do to take care of the planet while you are taking care of your look.

  • Buy from ethical labels.

Eco friendly brands like Ipsilon Paris want to help you look good while protecting the planet at the same time. They use organic fabrics and recycled plastics to make their products. They also donate part of the money you pay to charities including the WWF.

  • Do not wear polyester or nylon.

These are the some of the materials that everyone is talking about when they say plastics are taking over the planet. You may think you look great on a night out but do you really want to contribute to the never ending sea of plastic that never goes away.

  • Stick to organic fabrics if you can.

Even natural fabrics can be a bad choice sometimes. That cotton top you just bought could have been made from cotton that was produced using a ton of toxic pesticides. Organic fabrics are produced ethically, so you know that you are wearing the latest fashions without trashing the environment.

Sustainable fashion – the future

It's not just up to manufacturers and retailers to think about the planet as well as fashion. You need to do your part. Buy your clothes from ethical retailers, do not go anywhere near non-recycled plastic and take your clothes to the charity shop when you are done with them. It's always best to recycle.












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