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Taking care of human rights after the Rana Plaza tragedy
Fashion should make you look good and feel incredible; but it can be about more than that. You can wear awesome outfits while also helping the world to change. The fashion industry has become more aware of its effect on the planet in recent years, and Ipsilon Paris is helping to lead the way, with a brand that's as much about looking after people and the planet as it is about creating quality clothing that's on trend.

The day that changed the fashion world
April 24, 2013 is a day that no-one in the fashion world will ever forget. It's the day when 1,127 people were killed and nearly 2,600 injured when a building collapsed just outside Dhaka, in Bangladesh. The really bad thing about the tragedy was that it could have been prevented. The building was known to be dangerous and every business in it had been told to move out. The owners of clothing factories in the building ignored the warnings, and put all their workers at risk of death. When the Rana Plaza building did collapse, many big names in fashion admitted that some of their clothes were being made in the factories.

After Rana Plaza – what changed?
The day that Rana Plaza collapsed was terrible, but it's also led to some big positive changes. The Accord on Fire and Building Safety was published in Bangladesh, and it's been signed by more than 150 companies since. Factories have been renovated and regular inspections now take place. Celebrities like Emma Watson have talked about how important safety and human rights are when it comes to making the clothes that you love. Ipsilon Paris is dedicated to learning from the events of April 24, 2013. Every item of clothing sold by Ipsilon is made with great care paid to human rights and the effect on the environment. Choosing an Ipsilon Paris outfit also means that you can help take care of the world around you; 3% of every purchase is donated to UNICEF, GORILLA WWF or ICAN. You get a great look and make a donation at the same time.


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