Tell a story with the t-shirts you wear

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Tell a story with the t-shirts you wear

What do your outfits say about you? Everything about what you choose to wear has something to say about who you are; whether it's the colour, style or designer name. Nothing has more to say than a statement tee. There's no guess work when you wear one of these. You get to tell the world what you think and what you believe in; and you get to look awesome at the same time.

The stories that are told

Way back in the sixties, Disney slogan tees made an appearance. Since then, so many stories have been told , from the Choose Life tees of the eighties to modern day statements about saving the planet and loving each other no matter what our differences. Wearing a statement that you believe in may seem like a pretty small thing to do; it makes no difference, right?

That's not true; you may not be able to save the world single handed but you can get others to think in a different way. They look up from their morning wake-up coffee and see a t-shirt that simply says “Infinite Love and Gratitude”, and they think “why not”. You change their outlook and they go on to change someone else's, by showing the love. It's a slow process, but positivity spreads and you can make it start.

IpsilonParis and the statement of love

The “Infinite Love and Gratitude” tee is from the Ipsilon range. This is cool streetwear that focuses on loving yourself, the people around you and the planet you live on. Every slogan tells a story of being thankful and appreciating everything we have, while wanting to work to protect our world from destruction. The power of positivity can be felt if you wear one of these slogan tees and sweatshirts, and you get to pass the power on to people who see your message.

All of this is pretty awesome, but you want to wear clothes that make you look great. Ipsilon streetwear does this too. It's cool and stylish and it delivers a powerful message.


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