Zero-waste Fashion

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Why zero waste fashion?

You may think that being sustainable with fashion takes the fun out of the clothes shopping that you love so much. The opposite is actually true. You can spend time choosing a great outfit while also being proud of yourself because you are helping to protect the planet. The fact is that sustainable fashion is fun.

Brands like Ipsilon Paris , ChicmadeConsciously, Gunas New York, StellaMcCartney know that sustainable fashion is the future. They take time to make sure that their clothing is made from materials such as organic cotton and recycled plastic. This means that the amount of chemicals used in production is reduced. This type of reduction is the idea behind zero waste fashion.

What is zero waste fashion? 

The idea behind zero waste fashion is to reduce the waste that happens in the fashion industry. The amount of material, dyes, chemicals and other products used in the production of clothing is vast, so any reductions that can be made are a good thing for the planet.

For zero waste fashion, processes are changed so that best use is made from every piece of fabric, fewer chemicals are used and patterns are cut more carefully.

Respect the planet with fashion

Zero waste fashion shows that fashion can be sustainable. You can choose zero waste fashion products and other products that have been produced in a sustainable manner. Doing this means that you can get the clothes you love, and know that you are reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

It's also important to remember that buying zero waste fashion, and sustainable fashion in general, is not the only thing that you can do to help. You can also mend damaged clothing instead of automatically replacing it straight away. When you do decide to get rid of clothing, to make way for new items, remember that recycling clothing is important. Never just throw items away. You should put your old clothing in a bag and take it to a recycling point, or donate it to a local charity. Then you have the room to spare to bring zero waste fashion items into your home.


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